What would it take to bring unity to America?

It’s funny how one question can change the course of your whole life. For us, that question came during the 2016 Presidential election. As we discussed our family’s future over dinner one evening, I asked Dave “If kids, mortgage and finances were not a factor, what would you wake up and want to do tomorrow?” Dave responded with an answer that surprised us both: “I would want to help bring unity to America.”

It was from that conversation that Undivided Nation was born.

The Dream

Undivided Nation’s purpose is to serve as a catalyst for reconciliation and unity in America. It was founded with the hope that America is ready to explore the offenses that have driven us apart, and find the points of connection that link our lives and stories together.

This January, our family left the comforts of home to set out on a 50-state road trip to meet Americans from every corner of the country and every walk of life. We traded in the traditional American dream for a radically new one; selling our home, quitting our jobs, and taking our family of five on an RV for a year.

The Journey

Averaging one state per week, we are pursuing three key endeavors: First, we are listening to people’s stories to gain a deeper understanding of our “other”. Second, we are exploring the roots of America’s divisions as seen through the eyes of real American people. Third, we are searching for what exists that has the power to connect us as Americans across our many divides.

As we travel, we are sharing the journey through social media and on our road trip blog, so anyone can join us in the transformative experience of meeting people, hearing their stories and discovering the hidden beauty across all 50 states.

Road Schooling

A final key piece of the trip is our endeavor to “road school” our three children through the priceless gift of experiential learning. While reading books and watching videos about the beauty, history and endless adventures that America holds is an effective way to learn, we see this trip as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let our little ones experience our nation firsthand.

Our journey as parents has launched us into an awakening of the deepest parts of our hearts to explore what matters most in life, and given us the courage to go for it.

Through the simple act of listening and sharing stories, we believe the diverse opinions, backgrounds and viewpoints that have kept Americans so deeply divided could give way to cross-cultural understanding, authentic forgiveness, and an unprecedented level of equity, justice and unity in America.