When the City of Brotherly Love Bombed Itself

The City of Brotherly Love is a place marked by many unforgettable and historic moments, but one less known moment in this city’s history we learned about during our time there, was the day this city bombed Itself.

We arrived in Philadelphia, PA last week with our eyes and ears open to see what our 17th state had for us. Everywhere we have been has a history that has led to where it is today. I (David) constantly ask the question, “How did it get this way?”

An important marker in the story of this city is an event that took place 33 years ago this week. People that I have spoken with call it the MOVE Bombing.

You can read about it on the interwebs if you’re interested, but the event culminated with the Philadelphia Police Department dropping a bomb from a helicopter on it’s own citizens.

Yes. This actually happened.

The ensuing fire was not put out despite plenty of firefighting personnel present and eventually destroyed about 65 houses. Five children and six adults were killed once the dust settled.

This story marks an event that people still talk about to this day. And some of these tensions have not subsided.

When we see animosity between some of our fellow Americans and the police, it is important for us recognize that they have complicated a history together.

This event doesn’t define this great city with such a rich history and future, but I did find that it still impacts things.

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