Hello My Name is America Podcast

Hello My Name is America

A Podcast where we explore the root causes of division in America and discover what it would take to heal our divides. Would you quit your job and sell everything to pursue a dream? This was the decision facing us back in 2016. On this podcast we retell the story of how our ‘yes’ to that question unlocked a dream that launched our family of five on a 50-state learning journey into the deep well of division in America. After 14 solid months on the road, having heard hundreds of stories and witnessed countless American experiences unlike our own, the journey continues in the form of this podcast, as we invite you to hear the stories and meet the people who touched our lives and reshaped our understanding of America’s past, present and who we could become.
June 30, 2019

Closet Conversations Vol. 2

Closet Conversations

Erin and David welcome you into their closet in this first installment of Closet Conversations, for an intimate discussion on the highly sensitive information covered in the first nine episodes...

May 19, 2019

Closet Conversations Vol. 1: A Fire in My Heart

Closet Conversations

David takes us into his own personal discovery of what unity is NOT in America as he dives deeper into the real reasons we are so deeply divided as a...