Just Love

Spent the morning with this gem. I can assure you she is pure royalty cloaked in humility and grace.

Janie, a 70-year-old St. Louisan invited me, a total stranger into her home. She made me a breakfast better than any I’ve ever had. Over eggs, coffee and homemade biscuits, she shared her stories of growing up in southern Jim Crow Missouri. She told me about the lynching tree that stood just down from her childhood front door, how she was never allowed to look out until her brothers had made sure no one was left hanging. She told me how she thought that tree was the most beautiful tree in her town, refusing to allow fear to hurt her ability to see the beauty of what God has made.

I shared how my life has been transformed by this journey, confessed that I discovered somewhere between Little Rock and Montgomery that I myself was a racist, and simply didn’t know it.

We cried together, laughed together and dreamed together about what this country could look like if more people chose to venture out of their bubble to discover the beauty and the humanity of those not like them.

I didn’t make any money today, and my life has shrunk significantly in size, but I can say without a doubt that I am the wealthiest woman I know because I get to have mornings like this one.

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