Hello My Name is America

Erin and I are thrilled to announce the launch of Undivided Nation’s podcast, Hello My Name is America!

After spending a transformative year on the road traveling to all 50 states, we are excited to introduce you to the people whose stories have reshaped our understanding of both ourselves and our country.

While the future of America might seem dim, the realities we’ve discovered fill us with hope that our brightest days are indeed ahead. Dive in with us as we explore the root causes of America’s divisions and explore what it would take to heal our deep divides.

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  • Cole Camp says:

    This article speaks to some of what you talked about with Mechelle Brown – https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/05/10/722143121/why-racial-gaps-in-maternal-mortality-persist

    Really enjoy the discussions. Keep up the good work

    • David Leaverton says:

      Thanks Cole! That is an important story for us to understand. Meeting Mechelle helped me take that NPR and make it come alive in a personal way. Hope all is well in the Panhandle!

  • Karen Samman says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I wanted you all to know that I am thoroughly enjoying the podcast. Each one of the episodes I have listen to speaks volumes of root of the problems we face in this country. Thank you for bringing these issue to light and for being open enough embrace a different way of thinking. We are living in such a divisive time, and perhaps your journey to find America will spark others on this same road. It certainly has made me stop and think about my own story and my own privilege.

    Keep doing what you are doing. You both are truly inspiring.

    Karen Samman

    • David Leaverton says:

      Thanks for your feedback and encouragement, Karen! We are really enjoying it as well and are looking forward to some more amazing episodes ahead.

  • Kika Wai'Alae says:

    Aloha my name is Kika Wai’Alae I am from the Hawaiian Kingdom living in enemy territory. Thank you for doing the story with my friends Lynette and Keanu. I lived that life and am doing my duty in NV to inform the Hawaiian and Kanaka living in this foreign country where we are haole. Listening to MiMi brings me to mention to you and yours that they are many Americans moving out of the public and into the private. They are claiming not to be Americans and are denouncing that title. These folks comprehend the fact that America is no longer under a government rather a corporation. Perhaps you may be interested in this story. If so contact me and I can get you in touch likeminded well educated folks. I am on weekly meetings on private zoom meetings discussing this very subject.

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