Go See Just Mercy

We LOVED the movie Just Mercy, telling the story of Bryan Stevenson and his work with the Equal Justice Initiative. Justice is so absolutely beautiful.

Go see this movie.

I think everyone takes away different things from the film based on their lived experience. The power and importance of justice in our criminal justice system is one of my big takeaways. When injustice occurs, it is theft, trauma and murder to the people affected. The film portrays injustice in a way that is shocking to some and all too familiar to others. When justice is realized, albeit WAY too late as portrayed by Walter McMillian’s story, the feeling I had was how sweet justice is. My hope is that injustice never happens in the first place and these sweet moments become commonplace for all.

As a white guy in America, I never had much of an appreciation for justice. One reason is that I rarely experienced injustice. And the times I did, it had nothing to do with the color of my skin. I am learning what true justice is and the multitude of ways injustice manifests in our society today. This part of my journey is allowing me to “taste” justice for the first time and it is sweet. I don’t know how else to describe it. I had to see injustice before I had a taste for the sweetness of justice. The work of justice is moving from ancillary to essential in my life.

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