Blacks and the GI Bill

Today marks the anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of the G.I. Bill, a monumental piece of legislation designed to support returning World War II veterans. We had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Hilary Herbold, who did some of the first research in the mid 1990s on the impacts of the GI Bill on black veterans. The GI Bill was transformative for some, but unfortunately a check that couldn’t be cashed for others. This is a great example of systemic racism – a racist system that advantaged whites and disadvantaged blacks.

“Black veterans and their families were denied their fair share of the multigenerational, enriching impact of home ownership and economic security that the G.I. Bill conferred on a majority of white veterans, their children, and their grandchildren.” – Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and writer Edward Humes

Dr. Herbold’s original article is available below:

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